Toga Party!

I love dressing up. I'm not just talking about wearing fancy dresses to dinner or weddings (even though I love that, too). I'm talking about dressing up in costumes. Halloween, parties, concerts...any excuse to dress up in crazy costumes, I'm in! I've decided to start a yearly tradition of having a summer theme party. Last year I threw a 90's party, and it was amazing. Everyone came dressed up in their best grunge / Babysitters Club / Beverly Hills 90210 inspired outfits and I decorated the house with photos and props of all things 90s.

This year, BFF Krystle and I decided to have a toga party. I know that toga parties are the essential part of college, but we have never been to one. So we figured that now is as good of a time as any!

My mom found me a white twin sheet from the Goodwill, and I followed this YouTube video on how to turn it into a toga:


And here's how mine turned out!

Toga 2

So cute, right? It looked like a legit toga! Now I know that I can come up with a last-minute Halloween costume in a pinch.

My mom also picked up another sheet at the Goodwill for Nicholas. Here's how his looked:

Toga 1

Perfect for the hippie that he is. It actually was a fitted sheet, but I just cut the elastic off of the edges and he used it as a belt. I also made his fabulous head-piece from vines that I bought at the dollar store.

Toga 3

And here's what BFF Krystle wore:

Toga 4

She had a white beach dress coverup and a gold belt and head-piece from an old Halloween costume.

Toga 5

And here are what a few of my girlfriends wore:

Toga 6

I was so happy that my friends are such good sports. We had a great night and it was a fantastic first toga party!