Erie County Fair

Every August, the Erie County Fair is back in full swing for two weeks. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved coming to the fair. It's kind of bittersweet, because the start of the fair means that summer is almost over, but I always have so much fun when we go. When Nick and Chip were in town, it was the first few days of the Erie County Fair, so, naturally, we had to go!

We started the day off at Duff's restaurant so that Chip could get a real chicken wing experience.

Duffs 1

We all shared an order of the medium light and the medium. They aren't kidding when they say that the medium is hot.

Duffs 2

Duffs 3

Duffs 5

Duffs 6

The whole gang! That's my parents on the end :)

Then we decided to hit the fair to walk off our chicken wing coma. Some people may think the fair is lame, but not me! Something about the food, music, games, and animals just makes me feel like a kid again. We always seem to get lucky and pick an absolutely beautiful day to walk around.

EC Fair 1

EC Fair 3

The gigantic reindeer in Santa's village!

EC Fair 5

One of the new things at the fair this year was alligator kabobs. Nick was crazy enough to order one and we all tried it. I have to say that it wasn't horrific. It actually did taste like chicken, but more freezerburnt chicken. Sounds appetizing, huh?

I was so happy that they had the next tent set up again. You pay a dollar and they give you a cotton swab, and you go into the tent and dip your swab in bowls of nectar that they have set out. Then you go and find a butterfly and put the swab under their feet and they hang on! Butterflies actually taste with their feet...did you know that? I had no idea!

EC Fair 6

EC Fair 8

EC Fair 7

EC Fair 9

This one just decided to hang out on my finger!

EC Fair 10

Then Nicholas made a new friend...

EC Fair 11

Fair 9

I had a delicious pizza from Pizza Amore...BBQ Chicken. It was amazing!

Fair 11

Nothing better than fresh-cut french fries!

Fair 13

Fair 15

Taxadermy in the conservation building.

Fair 19

Fair 20

Fair 21

I GOT IT! Have any of you played this before? You throw the balls and try to get 5 in a straight line. I seem to win ever year.

This year wasn't an exception.

EC Fair 12

And of course, we ended our fair experience the best way that we know how.

With a deep-fried bacon cinnamon roll.

EC Fair 14

Believe me, it sounded better than it tasted.

Do you go to a county fair every summer?