The Grove Music Festival

On Saturday, Nicholas, Zack, Mary and myself all took a road trip up to Toronto for the Grove Music Festival! One of the reasons I love living in Buffalo is that we are SO close to the Canadian border. Toronto is only 2 hours away at the most! grove fest 3

FYI: My shorts are from Old Navy (on sale for $7!) and top is from Target. I also bought our flower crowns from Claire's!

grove fest 2

The festival was held at Fort York and it was a great venue. Wonderful open space with lots of trees for shade as the weather was beautiful and rain clouds in sight!

grove fest 7

grove fest 5

grove fest 6

There were lots of vendors and food, everything was super organized and relaxed. It was so nice just to chill out and listen to some great music and eat some yummy food!

grove fest 8

grove fest 9

POUTINE! Have any of my non-Canadian/non-Buffalonian friends ever had poutine? Cheese curds and gravy on top of fries. It's so magical...if you haven't had it before you need to get your hands on some ASAP.

grove fest 11

grove fest 10

grove fest 12

I believe this was Gaslight Anthem. The lineup was great, and I was really really looking forward to seeing Gaslight Anthem, Girl Talk, and Hot Chip, and they were all fantastic!

grove fest 13

grove fest 14

Girl Talk!

I danced way to hard to Girl Talk and my calves are still on fire...but it was totally worth it!

The Grove Music Fest was such a great time and I'm so happy that we ended up going!!

Did you have a fun weekend? Are there any music festivals going on in your area?

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