The Rosie Scarf

dolly 3 Remember the post that I made a while back bout Dungaree Dolly's? I had mentioned how I purchased three of their Rosie Scarves, and here's how I styled one of them!

I'm kind of obsessed with accessories of all kinds, and I have a huge collection of hair accessories. I'm pretty sure that I'll be wearing headbands until I'm an old woman (whether or not I look crazy is another story.)

dolly 1

If you are a hair accessory freak like I am, you need to get one (or three, like I did!) of these scarves! They are SO cute and comfortable, and look adorable with a multitude of hair styles. I also have rocked this scarf with a messy ponytail and it looked adorable.

dolly 4

Sometimes I have an issue with headbands because they can hurt my temples, but not with these lovelies! There's no elastic or plastic. all you have to do is tie these around your melon and you are good to go! The tie can either go in the front or under your hair. I personally love putting the tie at the top of my head because I will forever be 5 years old and love bows.

You can purchase these HERE and they are such a steal at only $8.00!

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