Beauty Product Review

In the summer, I'm a huge fan of skin that looks like it has a natural glow to it. But some of us don't have the "natural" glow and we have to fake it (like me!) But how to get that natural glow without looking like you have a grease slick on your face? Enter my new go-to summer skin product...

Mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes

Mark Touch & Glow 2

I first found out about this product from one of my favorite bloggers Jackie from Living After Midnite. She always looks flawless, and THIS post of hers sold me on the Touch & Glow. Seriously, check her out. Gorgeous!

I've never worn anything from Mark before, so this was a gamble, but I'm so happy that I ended up trying it. The cubes are super creamy and go on like a dream. They aren't greasy at all and blend wonderfully with my own makeup. I did my normal BB cream, foundation, powder, bronzer routine, and then dabbed on the Touch & Glow on my cheeks, brow bone, and inner corners of my eyes. Here's how it turned out in natural lighting:

Mark Touch & Glow 3

Mark Touch & Glow 4

Loved how it turned out! This is definitely a fantastic product, and if you are looking for a great highlighter, I definitely recommend it!