Adventures in Anthropologie- part 2

I have a feeling that if I keep going into Anthropologie and wanting to buy the ENTIRE STORE, that these posts are going to be much more frequent. You all remember my first Adventures in Anthropologie post, yes? Well, last week I went into my all time most favorite store in the entire world, and I totally channeled my inner Veruca Salt...I wanted EVERYTHING. But alas, the wallet is closed for the moment. But that didn't stop me from trying things on and taking pictures!

Have you ever really tried to pin-point your style? Like actually tried to define it? I know, so hard to do! But as soon as I walked into Anthro, this outfit basically sums up my entire being:

Anthro 1

Hi, hello. The chambray, the belt, the black and white striped skirt and the gorgeous necklace. Can I wear some form of this outfit every day for the rest of my life? Thanks so much.

Here are the pieces that I tried on, and fell in love with, and then cried when we had to be apart from each other.

Anthro 3

Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt

This skirt. THIS SKIRT. I really have no words aside from perfection. Okay, I know. It's $98 but really it's so worth it IMO. The fabric is such amazing quality and the construction and fit are both so beautiful.

Anthro 4

Waverly A-Line Skirt

This is the skirt from the mannequin above. So pretty and flowy and full and yummy. It was a bit heavy, though. Not great for a 90 degree summer day! It would be fine with me if it would still like to live in my closet, though.

Anthro 5

Zelie Maxi Dress

This dress I grabbed on the way to the fitting rooms because "Meh, it could be cute," but I ended up really loving it! It's SO comfortable and light and I love the pattern mixing! Pretty reasonable in price for an Anthro dress, too.

Anthro 6

Windward Halter Dress

I found this little number in the sale section. How cute! I can see myself wearing this on a boat...but alas, I don't have a I can see myself wearing this out to lunch or to a concert in the park. It made me feel like a pin-up girl.

Anthro 7

Cherie Chevron Dress

And now for my favorite piece of the bunch, this amazing chevron dress. I know that chevron is kind of played out in the fashion blogging world, but I actually don't own any chevron pieces! This dress was perfect, amazing, glorious, etc. Just one tip...I tried on my regular size, and if you guys are like me and not really gifted in the chest-ular area, I would recommend sizing down. It was just a teeny bit big.

So Anthro, if you are listening, I'm available to be your spokeswomen. Just give me a call any time!