Allentown Art Festival

allentown 1 This past weekend was the 56th annual Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo. This is my all-time favorite festival in this area! I've always loved going since I was little.

allentown 2

Allentown is one of my favorite sections of Buffalo. It's full of super chill bars and restaurants and just a great area to hang out with friends.

allentown 3

Every year, the few streets that make up this area close down, and a multitude of talented artists, photographers, jewelry makers, etc. from around the country come and sell what they've worked on throughout the year. Each year we seem to find a special piece to bring home with us.

allentown 4

yarn bomb!

allentown 6

allentown 5

allentown 8

The guy who lives in this apartment is kind of a legend in Buffalo. We call him the "Bubble Man" (read about him HERE!) and for as long as I can remember, he sits by his window and send showers of bubbles down onto the street. It always makes me so happy when I see those bubbles!

allentown 10

And we ended our fantastic festival experience at our usual spot- Fat Bob's Smokehouse. My favorite things by far on the menu are their sweet potato fries, mac n cheese, and pulled pork quesadillas. Seriously to-die-for.

Do you have any do-not-miss festivals in your area that you go to every year?