Personal Style: It's all about the shoes

pink wall 3 I'm not even going to lie on this one. Sure, the outfit is cute, but it's really all about the shoes.

Oh, you would like a close up? So glad that you asked!

pink wall 5

If I could describe these shoes in one word (other than TALL!), it would be fierce. My girl Jessica Simpson came through again with another pair of fierce shoes!

pink wall 4

I bought these shoes last year, with no idea where/how/if I would really wear them. I just knew that I had store credit to Macy's, and I these were way too gorgeous to pass up. So they sat in my closet unworn until last week, when the weather neared the 80's and I wanted to look fab when I picked my brother up from the airport.

Did you know that it's pretty difficult to drive in gigantor heels? Yeah, I really don't recommend it.

pink wall 6

I was debating on whether I would look insane wearing this outfit just to go out to lunch, but you know what? You should be able to wear what ever the heck you want, and if you feel comfortable and are working the hell out of it, then more power to you, sister! Wear those damn 5 inch heels to a coffee shop for lunch!

pink wall 2

And I am happy to say that I didn't face plant or trip once, thank you very much. I thought I would look like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time, but I was more of an old wise deer with pretty fantastic shoes.

Oh, and the cross-body bag (and spectacular excited face) makes an appearance again.

pink wall 1


Shoes: Jessica Simpson - SIMILAR STRIPES, CHUNKY WOOD HEEL Skirt: MNG by Mango via JC Penney - Similar and adorable in BLACK and CORAL Chambray shirt: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's Tank top: JC Penney - SIMILAR Bag: Fossil Sunglasses: JC Penney - SIMILAR Necklace: Fossil Bracelet: Groopdealz - SIMILAR

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