Personal Style: Fly Fishing Chic

fly fishing 8 We've got a little different perspective on today's personal style post!

This past weekend, Nicholas and I did a little bit of fly fishing in the morning. I never really used to be an outdoorsy girl. The most outdoorsy thing I really did was going to the beach. He started me off fishing years ago with a simple spinning rod, and I really got into it. It was great being on the water throwing in a line and catching a few pumpkinseeds or the occasional bass. But then this got a little boring for me and I felt like I wanted a little more of a challenge.

See, Nicholas is a huge fly fisherman. He is probably one of the most talented fly fisherman and can cast with such grace and elegance. It's really beautiful. He also ties all of his own flies, and it is an incredible art form. I would know, as I've tried my hand at fly tying and it is not that easy!

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Last year, I got so serious into trying to learn how to fly fish, that we bought all of my own gear so I didn't have to wear all of his old stuff. Let me tell you, the right gear when you are fishing really does make all of the difference in the world!

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One of the biggest things you have to worry about is SUN PROTECTION! Being right on the water, or in the water when you are wading out, it makes it easy to get sunburned. The brands Columbia and Exofficio make these shirts that actually have SPF protection and bug repellent built in them, which is so great. Also, it's important to wear a hat and bandanna for more protection from the sun.

If you are going to be doing some wading in the water, you will need a good pair of waders and boots. Mine are from Cabela's that I ordered online and they work great. Of course you could go more higher end and buy a pair of Patagonia or Simms, but I'm definitely not at that level yet.

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And, for the love of God, don't forget your bug spray. But make sure that it's the bug spray that also protects against ticks. One time Nicholas came home with so many ticks on him and in his bags, it was a nightmare. We like Off Backwoods bug spray.

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After you have all of the gear, you just need to practice your casting and you'll be on your way! My personal fly fishing goal? To someday be featured in Drake Magazine's Page 6 Chicks...greatest personal goal ever.


Hat: Patagonia Waders: Cabela's Shirt: Columbia Bandana: ExOfficio Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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