Wearable Art Closing Reception

Remember that post I made a few weeks ago about the closing reception for the Wearable Art show at Wine on Third? Well, it was last Friday, and it was a great time, so I snapped a few pictures to share with you lovely people!

I've been to Wine on Third once before, and the food was great, so I was excited to go back. This place is definitely one of the "hidden gems" of Niagara Falls. I wouldn't even know it existed if it weren't for my fabulous friends.

Wine on Third 1

Here's a shot of the bar...they have a ginormous wine list.

Wine on Third 2

wine on third 6

Nicholas had the beer, my BFF had the fabulous glass of wine, and I'm the loser with the diet coke. You know, as much as I try to enjoy a drink now and again, I just can't get into it. 90% of the time, any form of alcohol just makes me instantly nauseous and it is incredibly not enjoyable. I don't know if it is my acid reflux (wow, I sound awesome) or the fact that I drank about 10 too many Smirnoff Ice in high school, but I just can't do it. But, on occasion, there is that 10% of the time where yours truly has had not one, but TWO glasses of fizzy wine at an "adult toy party," or drank a shot (through a straw) at a work happy hour, or even enjoyed a few Mai Tais in Hawaii or Vegas...Wooooo!

So anyway, on to the wearable art. I met one of the artists of the evening, Mary Grace, through my friend Brook. Super sweet and super talented girl. Her dresses were actually featured in the fashion show that I posted about on Monday. Here are a few pictures of her dresses hanging in the restaurant.

wine on third 8

wine on third 7

wine on third 11

She utilizes materials such as gift wrap, blue prints, bubble wrap, and sheet music to make these gorgeous pieces of art. Aren't they amazing?

There is always some form of art being featured in Wine on Third, and they also have live music throughout the week. And their food is great. I'm kind of obsessed with their blue cheese bruschetta that is baked and drizzled with clover honey. Hello. I may not drink, but give me blue cheese and honey on bread and you got me.

You can visit their website HERE!