Celebrate You with a Love Session from Black Bird Photography


Love session. What the heck is a love session, you ask?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of boudoir photo shoots. What generally comes to mind with boudoir shoots are uber-sexualized, mostly naked, super glam photos, and the thought of stripping down in front of a stranger can be kind of terrifying for some people (most people, actually.)

My very good friend Heather of Black Bird Photography has taken the boudoir shoot idea and flipped it on its head. She understands that not all people are comfortable showing their bodies, but would still like to have some sassy photos taken, either for their significant other or just for themselves. What she decided to do is book love sessions. Want to strip down to you skivvies? Go right ahead. Want to wear your flannel pjs and read a book? That’s super cool! Want to get a little crazy like I did and wear a coat that looks like I killed a Muppet? That’s completely fine, too.

Don’t have a significant other but are still intrigued? DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Or, get some of your best girlfriends together, dress cozy, and do a BFF shoot! That’s with I did with my girl Becki (as you’ll see below) and we had a blast.

Interested in booking a session with Heather? Hit her up on either her website or her Instagram account. If you have some cool ideas, let her know!! She will make you super comfortable and you’ll be sure to have an amazing experience. Check out some of the photos from my session!