Buffalo Made Co. Collab - The Nickel City Tee

Photos by  Ryan Kell

Photos by Ryan Kell

For my blog's five year anniversary, I wanted to partner with some of my favorite creative people.  You may have read my first post about my necklace collaboration with Casey from Pretty + Grit, which was a complete dream come true.  I wear it ALL the time and always get so many compliments on it!


The next collaboration is brought to you by my good friend Rob, owner of Buffalo Made Co.  I've always loved Rob's aesthetic.  His Buffalo-centric products are next level.  He gives them an elevated look with his incredible modern designs.  I approached him about a month ago with my crazy idea to collaborate on a tee, and thankfully, he was immediately on board.  Only thing is that I didn't want the shirt to actually say "Nickel City Pretty" on it because nobody would buy it (except for my mom) but I still wanted a subtle nod to my blog.


What he came up with completely blew me away!  The Nickel City, the Buffalo Nickel graphic, the "All Grit" line which references my Nickel City Gritty series...it's perfect.  The tee features the large print on back with the smaller print on the front.  I'm loving the maroon color of the shirt itself...it's actually the first shirt that I have in this color, and it's such a welcome change from my usual black/white/grey pieces.  Thank you SO much, Rob! 


Visit the Buffalo Made Co. website to purchase my tee!