All photos by  Ryan Kell

All photos by Ryan Kell

I’ve always been intrigued by wigs.

Not those Halloween-type wigs that you can buy for ten dollars that look like a mop of straw on your head, but those beautiful lace front wigs that you see all sorts of beautiful people wearing on Instagram that actually looks like real hair

I never knew where to start in my wig exploration until the Buffalo business TST HAUTE Beauty reached out to me last month.


TST HAUTE Beauty opened their doors recently in Buffalo and they sell wigs, both synthetic and real hair, as well as tape-in extensions. I was SO excited to take a look at their wig inventory and pick out my very first one.

You know how in Harry Potter, when it’s time for them to choose their wand and the wand chooses them? That’s exactly how it was with this wig.

I was looking for something fun and colorful that I could wear for a night out (or just on a random Tuesday) and this violet beauty was the first and only one that I tried on.


I am so impressed with just how comfortable this wig is. It’s not scratchy or hot at all and the synthetic hair itself is so silky smooth and holds its curl really well.

I did some research on YouTube on the best way to “glue” the edges around my ears down as to hide my hair. They recommended that I purchase this product called Göt2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue. It’s in a bright ass yellow tube and I purchased it at Target. I just put a small pea-sized dab of the product on my hairline, use a hairdryer on the coolest setting and blow dry the product until it’s tacky, then press the wig in place and blow dry the product again until it’s set. I’ve done this multiple times and it stays all day each time!


If you want to explore the world of wigs for yourself, or purchase some tape-in extensions, visit TST HAUTE Beauty at 610 Main Street in downtown Buffalo. The girls said that they will be coming out with more styles and colors very soon!