Eternal Flame Adventure & MY FIRST VLOG!

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This past weekend I went on a little bit of an adventure with some friends to the Eternal Flame Falls in Chestnut Ridge.

What the heck is the Eternal Flame, you ask?

It's a small natural gas vent located in a little opening behind the waterfall in Chestnut Ridge Park which, when lit, makes up the ever mysterious flame.  Although said to be eternal, it does periodically get extinguished and have to be re-lit by visitors to this natural phenomenon.  Funny enough, while we were hiking down to the falls, someone told us that the flame was out.  We searched frantically for anything that we had on us that could be used to light it again, but all we had were some bandaids, a tampon, a battery, some trail mix that was mostly chocolate chips, and Wegmans cookies.  Luckily a hiker ahead of us must have had a match or a lighter on them and the flame was roaring by the time we got to our destination.  

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I feel blessed to have friends who are as completely in tune with social media as I am, because our short hike turned into a much longer experience as we were filming and taking photos of everything from the start.  Both Billy & Pat and Becki & Chris have amazing YouTube channels, so, in order to stay in the loop, I decided that now was a great time to start creating content for my YouTube channel

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My vlog turned out to be less of a vlog and more of a compilation video of the day, but I learned a lot about the filming and editing process, and I am really looking forward to creating a lot more videos!

Enjoy these photos from our beautiful December hike in the woods and you'll find all of our videos at the bottom of this post for your viewing enjoyment.

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