My Hair Color Secret

Photo:   Ryan Kell

Photo:  Ryan Kell

I’ve had enough, this is my prayer. That I’ll die livin’ just as free as my hair.
— Lady Gaga

My hair has always been a huge part of my identity.  I know of a few people who are afraid to dye their hair or try a new style, but I've always been really adventurous.  Thankfully, my mom was always pretty supportive of my wacky ideas when I was younger.  I remember when The X-Files first debuted, I wanted to be Scully SO BADLY that I asked my mom if I could dye my hair red and cut it into her signature thing you know I'm rockin' a Scully-inspired look and loving every minute of it.  From that point on, my hair was never its "natural" color again.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and I got the itch to start getting into more funky colors.  It started out with a grey ombre, when grey first became super popular, and then I found my hair color queen, Rachel at Rust Belt on Elmwood, and it was game over.  She has turned me purple, hot pink, and now blue.  I've been blue for a little over a year now, and I've definitely found my "signature" look.  It's funny, when I look back on photos of me without blue hair, it almost looks like something is missing. 

The problem that I was having, though, is that my hair would lose the pigment really fast.  Like, within three weeks fast.  I have a friend whose hair is also blue, but her color didn't seem to fade at all, so I asked her what the secret was.  Turns out, the secret is a shampoo called Viral Colorwash.  You can pick it up on Amazon.  



Okay, so this shampoo actually has hair dye in it, so every time you wash you hair, it deposits the color back in and no more fading!  How genius is that?

For some reason, my hair pulls a lot of green (as you can see in the photo above) but I really love when my color is on more on the indigo blue spectrum.  So my trick is to mix 50/50 purple and blue shampoo and I get my perfect shade...

Photo:   Ryan Kell

Photo:  Ryan Kell

I highly recommend Viral if you are looking to keep up with your color or just try something new and fun!  And this isn't sponsored, I'm just obsessed.