Cinco de Mayo With Templeton Landing

Now that I think about it, I never actually remember ever going out for Cinco de Mayo.  Sure, I love me some tacos, but going out on that day had never really crossed my mind, until this year!  photo 47C92108-4943-4D78-ABCD-587EBABBA5DB.jpg

I was contacted again by KC You There and the lovely folks at Templeton Landing to attend their Cinco de Mayo party last night, and we had so much fun!

Okay, so first of all, they definitely weren't lying when they said that they had "Buffalo's Largest Coronita."  See?

 photo 9C89012A-39C5-4A73-97D6-89168C09136C.jpg

Yeah, it was massive.  I enjoyed mine without the that would just make mine a standard margarita, and it was GOOD.

 photo 72329DF5-5288-45D5-B5DF-56CE3C1E6A7E.jpg

And what would a Cinco de Mayo party be without the tacos, chips and salsa?  Definitely much needed after finishing half of a gigantic margarita!

 photo A2BFE71A-9BD1-4622-A01D-0D1BAD2D1B39.jpg

While we were eating, we got to enjoy the sounds of the band Son Boricua, which added a great element to the evening.  They were fantastic!

Also, major props on the name made me feel so fancy!

 photo E6C7241A-62DA-45FE-BD87-C924A9E31CD1.jpg

 photo 7E2388D3-E2CF-4EF2-A88C-0A51C17EBF97.jpg

Thankfully the weather was gorgeous outside, so we were able to enjoy our drinks on their patio and take in one of the best dining views in the city.

 photo 83CF7CBA-7331-47E0-B1BA-6BABCEAE49D1.jpg

If you haven't been to Templeton Landing yet, make this one of your first stops this summer. It's definitely one of the #bestspotsinbuff!