Buffalo's Biggest Halloween Bash

Sometimes I feel like I'm an 90 year old lady in a 31 year old's body in the fact that I'm kind of a homebody.  Sure, when I was 18 I went out every weekend, but now I'm kind of like....meh...I'd rather watch Netflix and order in a pizza.  My homebody-ness really rings true for holidays, because they can be kind of chaotic and a lot to plan. This Halloween was a little bit different, though.  We decided that we were actually going to do something on Halloween since it was a Saturday.  We gathered up two of our good friends and headed to the Connecticut Street Armory for Buffalo's Biggest Halloween Bash.

I didn't really know what to expect since I've never been to a large Halloween party before, but we had SO much fun!  The crowd was great, no issues, and some of the costumes were amazing!  Here are a few photos from our night out:

 photo 4E549161-3499-4C39-B8CE-5B3113D196E6.jpg

Nicholas was Opie

 photo CBB18465-5C42-4BA9-9D14-653E830C265F.jpg

I was Gemma

 photo 25DCFBC7-8F3F-48D1-9832-8B059D93C148.jpg

You obviously know who Angela & Michael were

 photo 2126A119-2555-4E0C-97F7-AE56ACC6F8E6.jpg

We thought this was a prop, but this was a COSTUME...Insane, right?

 photo BBC0B95D-D4A4-493B-95A1-19A7745D73FA.jpg

I was so obsessed with these two

 photo DB613965-A501-4129-ABBE-004EE1544710.jpg

So funny...Mike & Angela stumbled upon other characters from Beetlejuice, so they had to take a photo!

 photo 267545A0-53AB-4F17-8704-F6BF59472F1F.jpg

 photo E8C9A203-72A8-491C-AE44-785AFD17FA64.jpg

 photo B2597947-614B-45B6-B399-E67AF9811079.jpg

 photo 72591DFD-1E9F-484B-87BB-A9346184820D.jpg

Kudos to 103.3 The Edge for throwing a great party!