Buffalo Halloween Fun for Adults

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Halloween.  There are some great haunted happening going on in Buffalo in October for the big kids to enjoy.  We may not get to go trick or treating anymore, but we can get dressed up as a sexy corn-on-the-cob (yes, it exists) and have some drinks with our friends! Here are a few events happening in the Western New York area:

Old Fort Niagara Haunted Fortress

 photo oldFortNiagara.jpg

Buffalo Central Terminal Ghost Hunts

 photo 11145232_10153197056357947_6925047978946490703_n.jpg

Buffalo Central Terminal Parahistorical Tours

 photo 12108895_10153197053822947_8315731249290145778_n.jpg

The Witches Ball at Hotel Lafayette

 photo 12039485_915591185144933_1685743405348478114_n.jpg

Buffalo's Biggest Halloween Bash

 photo halloween-bash-WEB-640.jpg