Bella & Libby's Adventure at Pet Supplies Plus!

Last week I made a post about National Pet ID Week and shared with you the importance of microchipping you pet.  I hope that you took advantage of the fantastic offer from Pet Supplies Plus and brought in your little furry friends!  photo FD7558C0-C4A0-439A-B303-3731B298A10E.jpg

We took our pups Bella and Libby on a little adventure to Pet Supplies Plus this weekend to mingle with all of the dogs who were getting microchipped, and it was packed!!

 photo AE2D6398-0303-4860-9A08-3E498C8302B0.jpg

While waiting in line, we met this little 4 month old pup, Brandy. Her owner couldn't stop raving about Pet Supplies Plus and how she loved that they offer an in-store vet. It was really convenient for her and extremely affordable.

 photo B64F7C27-4157-467C-BC6E-33BCDBA5BDBF.jpg

There were SO many different types of dogs there, and they were all very happy and seemed to get along with one another! I made sure to take a few pictures of the adorable pups:

 photo 77428CA3-AE3B-4A0D-A5BC-2DA6E644BD7E.jpg

 photo 3FAB3187-3DD9-4E3A-BF55-313E53879076.jpg

 photo 37ABB16F-190D-43A0-882E-8E5EBBD2965D.jpg

 photo B29C030D-E7FC-4EB8-B172-463DF06CA7E6.jpg

Bella and Libby were so excited to make their guest appearance and say hi to all of the other dogs!

 photo 025F4F34-FDD0-467F-87EC-465F69E27006.jpg

 photo 45A15539-708F-46C2-940A-01BF7478B8B9.jpg

There were even some happy dogs there for a beauty day!

 photo EAF72925-084F-467A-BD41-08323FE2C4DB.jpg

 photo CFD33DF4-ED40-4903-A3DF-153AA4A02F2E.jpg

What I thought was pretty cool is that they have a vet on premises every Saturday for non-emergency pet care. It's so convenient if you do not live close to an actual vet's office!

 photo 468010FD-1C7A-425B-8CEA-0643A46FE622.jpg

We love Pet Supplies Plus and it will always be our pet store of choice!  Thank you for inviting us!