VS PINK Model Emily DiDonato in Buffalo!

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Last week, Buffalo PINK stores found out that they had won the PINK Spring Break Regional Instagram Contest! People had to post photos on Instagram of selfies in stores or PINK merchandise with hashtags that were specific to their store.  Out of 41 national regions, Buffalo won! How exciting is that?!

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As a prize, two stores in our area received special freebies and an appearance from VS PINK model Emily DiDonato on Saturday. Not only is she a model for VS, she's also very recently been in Sports Illustrated!

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Since I had to work our Easter Bunny Arrival on Saturday, I was able to meet and have my photo taken with Emily. There was a pretty long line to meet her, and I'm not surprised!  She was super sweet and took the time to take a photo and talk to everyone. It's not every day that a supermodel comes to Buffalo, so this was a pretty big deal!

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By the way, if you are lucky to have a PINK store near you, get in there ASAP. They have the CUTEST clothing for summer, and I pretty much wanted to buy the entire store when I was in there.

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Emily totally agrees.

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It was great meeting Emily and YAY Buffalo for winning PINK's Spring Break Instagram Contest!