Adventures in Gingerbread

houses 2 We have started a new tradition between Nicholas' and my families.  Every December, we all come together, and have a gingerbread house making competition.

If you didn't know, gingerbread can be pretty serious.  This is only the second year that we have done this, but the competition is fierce.  Like Tyra Banks super fierce.

My mom had the smart idea last year when all of the gingerbread house making kits went on super sale after Christmas, she bought a bunch and we stuck them in our freezer to use for this year.  They froze wonderfully and worked perfectly for this year!

houses 1

We made sure to buy lots of extra candies to make the houses even more spectacular.  My mother-in-law also bought some of that squeeze frosting in a can which was a great idea to do the roof and siding.

houses 3

Kyle got creative and made a car-port on the side of his house!

houses 6

Sara made a wonderful outhouse, as she lovingly called it.

houses 4

My parents were hard at work on their entire Christmas village...they even brought a string of battery operated lights to put around the scene!

houses 7

I made this colorful candy-coated confection.  But alas, this picture was taken right before I elbowed it onto the floor.  Suprisingly though, it was pretty solid, and it just got a little shifted.  :(

houses 8

Nicholas was absolutely hilarious and had an epic fail when putting his house he ended up with this...

houses 9

But the winner of the night had to be Zack with this beautiful scene!  I love the marshmallow trees!

houses 5

Do you make gingerbread houses every year?  Do you bake your own or do you cheat like we do and buy the boxed kits?