Personal Style: Belted Skirt

Or an alternate title for this post could be "Personal Style:  I'm insane because I insist on wearing skirts in 20 degree weather." DSC_0654

Guys, it's cold.  Like REALLY cold.  Every year I feel like I say "Geeze, I don't remember it being this cold last year!"  But this year I actually mean it.  I can't remember it being THIS cold last year.  It was 12 degrees on Sunday.  Such is life in Buffalo.


I really don't have much to say about this outfit except for that I love it.  It's simple but I felt very me in it.  Three day-old unwashed hair and all.  Listen, we all can't be supermodels 24/7, right?



Skirt (old) - Belted Pencil Skirt, Belted A-Line Skirt Sweater -  SIMILAR Tights Booties

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