Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all!  Got any big plans for today?  We are going to stay home, carve our pumpkins, and then hand out candy to the wee little tots.  I love seeing all of their costumes...some of them can get pretty creative! We are going to our friend's Halloween party this weekend, and I still have NO idea what I'm going to be.  Normally I'm pretty set by now, but my first plan fell through.  Have any good ideas?

I thought I would show you guys some of my costumes from Halloween past that I have saved.  These are just a few of my favorites:

2005 - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

halloween 05

2006 - Nicholas and I were Super Mario and Princess Peach

halloween 06

2007 - The obligatory Sexy Pirate

halloween 07

2009 - My friend Brook, my brother, and I dressed as zombies for the Buffalo Zombie Walk.  Brook was zombie Anna Nicole Smith...note the box of TrimSpa

halloween 09 3

2009 - My brother was the ShamWow guy and Nicholas was Billy Mays...it was perfect.

halloween 09 2

2011 - Lady Gaga...I needed an excuse to wear my disco ball bra again

halloween 11 2

2011 - Nicholas was Keith Stone

halloween 11

2012 - Al Borland and Heidi from Tool Time!  I made my shirt. 

halloween 12

Now this year?  I have no idea.  What was your favorite costume that you've ever worn?