What a Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!! Did you all have a fun weekend? Yesterday was a fun-filled day and super busy! My friend Brook is newly engaged, so a few of us went to the Super Weddings Unlimited bridal show at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.

I haven't been to a bridal show in about 5 years since before I was married, so I was so excited to see what's up and coming in the bridal industry! And, as a bonus, Mario Lopez was there!

bridal show

Here's a shot of the bride-to-be filling out her tickets.


AC Slater!  I was kind of confused as to why he was there, and he seemed kind of confused as to why he was there as well.  Also, he was walking around taking pictures with vendors, and he had a line of psycho girls following him around the center.  Maybe that's why he seemed like he would rather be anywhere but here.


Our group decided that we needed to AC Slater the chairs...it was the best decision ever.  That was the first time I've sat in those clear plastic chairs.  They were pretty cool!

slater chairs

I ate so much sugar at the show that I was on a high... From the cake samples, to the little gelato (so cute!).  I had salted caramel, my favorite, and it was sooooo delicious.


And the martini glasses full of candy...

martini glass

It was a great show!

After the show I went to a benefit for my BFF Krystle's cousin. I won a giant basket full of supplies for ice cream sundaes!


We may or may not have made sundaes last night. :)  After yesterday, i may be swearing off sugar all together for a long time.

Today I'm very excited to be speaking to a class on a panel at Villa Maria College about blogging and social media! I'm looking forward to share my experiences with the class!  I may not have been blogging for years like some of the "big time" bloggers, but it's an honor to be asked to speak about a subject that I love!

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a great start of your week!

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