Glitter Pumpkins

glitter pumpkins I've always wanted to try making caramel apples, so I had a few of my girlfriends over this past weekend for a caramel apple / glitter pumpkin party!

I'll be posting about the apples soon, but I just wanted to share this pic of the pumpkins with you guys.  Didn't they turn out awesome?

And a bonus, they were SO easy to make!

I went to Michaels Craft Store and bought two different types of Martha Stewart brand glitter and her glitter glue, and also bought little foam brushes to spread the glue on the pumpkins.  I put each pumpkin on a paper plate and since they were tiny, I spread the entire pumpkin with glue at once.  Then, I poured the glitter onto the surface of the pumpkin, making sure to try to coat it evenly.  Then I shook the pumpkin on the plate to get off any excess glitter.  Any glitter that falls out on the plate can be poured onto the next pumpkin.

When I do this again next year, I will do a few things differently.  I will definitely make sure to WEAR RUBBER GLOVES.  It was not fun trying to get all of the super fine glitter and glue off of my hands.  Also, I did this craft at about 9:00 at night on the deck in almost the pitch black with just a little porch lamp as my light source.  I would definitely make sure to do this during the day outside with a LOT of newspaper put down to catch all of the stray glitter.  Because I didn't have that much light, there are a lot of bare patches on the pumpkins; I would prefer them to have an even coating of the glitter.

And if you attempt to do this craft, make sure that your dog doesn't stick her nose in the garbage when you are throwing out the plates full of excess glitter.

She will end up looking like Ke$ha.

Bella glitter