Bloodline Handmade & The Lodge

bloodlinelogo I know I still have to finish my Buffalo Fashion Week recaps, but I just wanted to pause for a moment to tell you guys about these two great new businesses in Buffalo.

Now, I don't know about you, but I think a man looks his sexiest when he's wearing a great tailored suit.  I can give or take a guy in jeans and a t-shirt, but stick him in a fantastic suit with the right accessories, and you've got my attention.

I mean seriously, how delicious do my two favorite celebrity crushes look in their dapper suits?





Okay, I just lost an hour of my life googling pictures of Pattinson and Gosling in suits.  One of the best hours of my day, to be honest...

Last week I was able to meet with one of the men behind the new business Bloodline Handmade, Jason Blood, at the fantastic new restaurant/bar on Chippewa, The Lodge.

Bloodline Handmade is a bespoke men’s tailoring company based out of Buffalo that was founded by Adam March, Dan Valentine, and Jason Blood.  They create suits from the finest materials found worldwide, and I was surprised to hear that all of the work is done right here in Buffalo!  The business was officially launched in June of this year, and they have already had a few dozen customers.  I'm absolutely sure that once their name gets out there, business will be doing exceptionally well.

Jason explained to me that the goal of Bloodline Handmade is to deliver an exceptional product at a reasonable price point.  The suits can range in price, depending on the fabric choices and details.  If you are willing to make the investment, there is nothing better than a piece of clothing that is actually made for your body and fits absolutely perfectly.

In some very exciting news for the company, Bloodline Handmade is partnering with J Norman in the Tony Walker Center, and in the next few weeks they will have a major presence in the store.  Potential customers will be able to become more familiar with the name and be able to schedule a consultation.

If this means that more men will be walking around Buffalo wearing fantastic suits, I'm all for it!


I was really excited that we were able to meet at The Lodge.  This is another one of the team's investments, and it is a great one!

It is a new restaurant/bar on Chippewa, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.  I haven't eaten there yet, but I am excited to do so in the future!  Many of the art pieces in the building are made by local Buffalo artists.

I was able to take a lot of fantastic pictures of the place.  I'm in love with all of the decor, and everything blends seamlessly together from room to room.  There is an upstairs with a winter theme to it and a patio that overlooks the Chippewa strip.  Perfect for those warm Buffalo evenings.







Love these purse hooks under the bar!





The mason jars had little LED lights in them that flickered to look like fireflies!





This was my favorite piece in the building...absolutely gorgeous!


I know that The Lodge is going to be another fantastic place to grab some dinner and drinks and enjoy Buffalo nightlife!