Holding On To Summer at Canalside

Photos by Nicholas Robson

Why are so many people rushing to get into the Fall season? I don't get it, ESPECIALLY as a Buffalonian. Our winter lasts pretty much all of six months (okay maybe not but sometimes yes) so what's so wrong with wanting the warm weather and sunshine to stick around for a little bit longer?

Tonight is the final Thursday night Canalside concert for the season. If you have not yet been this season, you should definitely make it a point to attend the show tonight. There's nothing like spending a beautiful evening outdoors listening to some great music and enjoying a few beverages. The folks at Canalside were kind enough to give myself and my friends Billy & Pat VIP passes to last week's concert, and we had a blast!  

Always on the social media!

Always on the social media!

Robert Randolph and The Family Band was the musical guest that day, and I had never heard them before then. They put on a great show! I love going to concerts where I've never heard the artist before, because it's a completely new experience. 99% of the time I end up loving the music and adding them to my Spotify playlist! 

The VIP tent at Canalside was so cushy...private bar and bathrooms, couches, yummy snacks...it's definitely the way to go!

Lucky for us, Canalside also hooked us up with media passes, so we could get some photos right in the middle of all of the action! 

Even though the Thursday night concerts will be coming to a close after tonight, that doesn't mean that all of the fun will be over at Canalside. It's a wonderful place to visit just for an hour or the entire day. And stay tuned as they have great events happening all year round, so even though summer is my favorite, the rest of the seasons are pretty great, too. 

Thank you so much for the great summer experience, Canalside!!